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Five Bedding Plants to Liven Up Any Garden

If your garden is looking a little sparse, bedding plants can be used to fill those empty spaces with vibrant, colourful plant life. You can grow bedding plants from seeds, or alternatively you can buy pot grown plants which are ready from the get-go.

F Bradley & Sons is a leading wholesale nursery based in Knaresborough. Our three acre family run nursery is within easy reach for clients within the Harrogate area. We stock an extensive range of quality bedding plants, alpines, herbaceous perennials and much more. Would you like to rejuvenate your garden? Then read on, our resident experts have put together a list of five indispensable plants that can brighten up your garden space:


Petunias are beautiful summer bedding plants that come in lovely shades of mauve, purple and lilac. We think you'll love their pleasant fragrance and distinctive trumpet flowers.


Begonias are a versatile, colourful plant, flowering well in both sun and shade, surviving throughout the summer, through to the start of the frosty season.


Geraniums are of the most popular bedding plants around. This charming five-petalled plant comes in lovely shades of white, pink, purple or blue. What sets the geranium apart from the rest is its ingenious method of seed dispersal. A beak shaped column springs open once the plant is ripe, dispersing the seeds much further than other species!


Bumble bees can't resist cosmos; their wide, saucer-like flowers offer an excellent source of nectar! Colours range from pink, white and red, through to yellow and orange. Cosmos bloom in the mid-summer and continue to enchant gardens until the mid-autumn.

Sweet Pea

The fragrant sweet pea is an excellent bedding plant, especially for cottage gardens. The delicate looking sweet pea is also hardier than you may think and can survive in far harsher conditions than many summer-only bedding plants.

You'll find all these wonderful plants and many others, right here at F Bradley & Sons Wholesale Nursery. We serve many clients within the Harrogate area, including home gardeners, market traders and garden centres to name just a few.